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Cool Looks to Keep You Warm this Fall

Even if you don't love 007 movies, you will definitely love this timeless Bond Overcoat for men. This is a coat that is versatile and will never go out of fashion. You can wear it to work or after work, no matter what the occasion, it will make you look cool in any situation! Perfect for "coating up" your doorman, valet, concierge or front of house staff. Made primarily of wool and cashmere with a little polyamide to make it more durable, this coat has the classic fit and look with a vent in the back. It's fully lined with satin and the edge is hand stitched.  See more - Men's Bond Overcoat For ladies, check out the Burlington Overcoat

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Fast Fashion and our role in it

  Did you know that the fashion industry is a major source of the greenhouse gases that are overheating the planet? It is also harmful to fish as the fiber fragments end up in the sea from the domestic laundry waste water. As these fibers end up in the rivers and oceans and fish ingest it. Fashion industry thrives on selling more and more new clothes to us, often driving marketing campaigns that call to ditch your last year’s colors. It is actually designed to make you feel “off trend” after just one week with new lines coming out faster than you can get through wearing your new set of clothes for the first time! A long, long time ago...

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Ackermanns Apparel Opens Doors to Canada

In February 2018 Ackermanns Apparel opened it's doors to Canadian customers. With seven distinct collections, we want to make sure our customers find the best match for them.  Balancing between style, comfort and price can be tricky but Ackermanns Apparel aims to make this whole process a lot easier with the wide variety of styles, sizing options and on the phone support. Ackermann's Apparel is Montreal based corporate work wear / fashion for work company. We believe that uniforms in their traditional sense are a thing of the past when it comes to  front of house of hotels, restaurants and bars, teams who run malls, security ops and just people who go to work in an office every day.  What...

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