Ethically Manufactured - CO2 Neutral - Harmful Chemical Free - Sustainable Suiting

Oeko-Tex Condifence in Textiles

We believe in chemical and harmful substance free apparel.
Impacts of chemicals used in textiles on our health and environment are only now starting to come to light and many countries have began to identify and ban certain dyes and other chemicals used in textile manufacturing process. However, most clothing available in North America still contains many substances considered harmful in Europe. It is up to the consumer to make wise choices and research what's in the clothes before they buy them.
In 1992 Europe introduced a certification process and standards for chemical free clothing. Look for Oeko-Tex® - Standard 100.
Ackermann's Apparel is proud to be offering chemical free suiting, shirts & blouses across our ranges. 

Chemical-free suiting Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Tested for harmful substances.