Ethically Manufactured - CO2 Neutral - Harmful Chemical Free - Sustainable Suiting


Climate change touches us all and we need to ensure that we take action as individuals and businesses.

Today, textile industry is the world's second most polluting industry. The total greenhouse gas emissions from textile production currently stands at 1.2 billion tonnes annually. We can't keep going like this, that much is clear.

At Ackermann's Apparel we believe that what we do has to be sustainable without compromising Earth's resources.

That is why we are launching our CO2 Offset Initiative and we hope you join us in this movement.

Here's what we are committed to:

  • Made to Last - ethically manufactured high quality apparel that will last 5 or more years. Stop the throwaway single use culture. Lets make, sell and buy things that last. You can read more about our Ethical Policy here.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - reducing the amount of packaging currently being used, especially plastic. Reuse shipping boxes whenever possible. Recycle all packaging. We are working on going plastic-free.
  • Carbon Neutral by 2020 - whilst we work with our partners to reduce the carbon footprint within the supply chain and delivery network as well as by simply trying to run the business in a more conscious and less wasteful ways, we acknowledge that TODAY we are accountable for generating our fair share of emissions. That is why, we have committed to offsetting all our current CO2 emissions through
  • LE PACTE / THE PACT for the transition - we have signed it and we hope you do too! More about this here