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Ackermanns Apparel Opens Doors to Canada

In February 2018 Ackermanns Apparel opened it's doors to Canadian customers. With seven distinct collections, we want to make sure our customers find the best match for them. 

Balancing between style, comfort and price can be tricky but Ackermanns Apparel aims to make this whole process a lot easier with the wide variety of styles, sizing options and on the phone support.

Ackermann's Apparel is Montreal based corporate work wear / fashion for work company.

We believe that uniforms in their traditional sense are a thing of the past when it comes to  front of house of hotels, restaurants and bars, teams who run malls, security ops and just people who go to work in an office every day. 

What we see is more of a demand for business/office wear that looks and feels more like something you would buy from a high street store but with the benefits of being continuously stock supported and with a wider size range.

Hence our focus on fashion for work concept, rather than just uniforms.

With nearly 15 years of experience in corporate uniform and work wear industry, we know that people want to look and feel great in what they wear at work. 

We also know that from business perspective, when ordering for a team of people, it's important to have range and style continuity, for it to be easy care and long lasting and of course, to be priced reasonably.

Over the years the uniform industry has shifted into mass produced manmade fabrics such as polyester in order to put the price first and quality and comfort second. Needless to say, it's not the kind of wearer experience that we're after!

We want to bring you work apparel that you will love wearing, not just because of it's high wool or cotton content but also because it will set you apart with elegance and style, and of course with a touch of Britishness which we hope you will enjoy!

We have carefully selected a wide range of styles that you will love wearing not just to the office but even outside of work.

Ackermann's Apparel is proud to have partnered up with one of the most outstanding corporate work wear designers and manufacturers from England - Brook Taverner 

"Brook Taverner has been helping customers make the right impression since 1912. Over 100 years on, when the right corporate identity is as vital as ever, we are delighted to be Europe’s largest, most successful supplier of stock supported corporate clothing.

Our passion for fabrics and tailoring is stronger than ever, as is our obsession with detail and performance.

We blend our 100 year heritage with innovation and progress to consistently bring to the market exceptional corporate clothing."


• Our partner Brook Taverner holds stock to the value of £7.5 million (that is $13 million CAD!)

• No minimum order requirements - you only pay for what your business needs

• Tried and tested styles and fabrics – benefit from the optimum lifespan and value from your corporatewear

• Greater choice - mix and match collections with a market-leading range of sizes and fittings mean wearers can choose styles and colors which make them look and feel professional

• Save time - in stock means fast delivery and no minimum reorder quantities

• Save money - no fabric to underwrite and no garment stock to pay for up front or at the end of the contract

• Garments ultimately have a lower unit cost


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