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Essential Office Fashion Staples – Our What to Wear Guide

When working in a business environment, it can be hard to find a uniform that is both professional and also fashionable and flattering. Shopping for business wear can be challenging when trying to strike the balance between looking office appropriate, and also conveying your own personal style. With that in mind, here at Ackermann’s Apparel we’re going to break down what we think are the essential office fashion staples to help you put together a working wardrobe for yourself and for your team.

So let’s get to it!


Navigating the pants’ category can be a minefield when it comes to pants style, fit, colors and fabrics. First, you need to decide what fit you want and at Ackermann’s Apparel we believe that our new Sophisticated suiting range is the perfect option with three male and four female fits to cater to your business pants needs.

Men’s  slim fit pants are ideal for creating a more streamlined silhouette and these particular pants would work well in an office as well as part of hotel or restaurant uniform. For a more traditional work pants’ look, the classic fit single pleat pants would be best suited for a timeless finish. Finally, the tailored fit flat front pants are a good middle ground in between the slim fit and the classic fit. The tailored style will work across the board, but will work best as part of a hospitality uniform.
The women’s slim leg pants are similar to the men’s slim fit pants, and will create a flattering silhouette. Slim fit has become a favorite among female business uniform wearers. This pants style will look great on all shapes, and can be a part of an office uniform or a hospitality uniform. The straight leg pants are better for women who like looser fitting pants while still accentuating the feminine shape.  Tailored fit offers a great compromise between more figure-hugging slim fit and the more classic straight leg pants.  Finally, the tailored slim leg style works beautifully with any suit and job role combination.

However, if a skirt is better suited to your business image or personal style, our Sophisticated suiting range has two styles of skirts. The A-line and straight skirts offer a feminine touch to your office workwear and can be styled with a blouse or shirt. All of the uniform in our Sophisticated suiting range is available in black, navy, navy pinstripe, mid blue, light grey, charcoal and charcoal pinstripe, so choose your favorite to suit your business wear needs.


For the female members of your team, one of our print or plain blouses would be ideal as a professional top option. There are many colors, styles, fabrics and patterns to choose from, with the new burgundy and sky blue crèpe de chine blouses being very popular. Whilst the prints will transition your business wear nicely into the summer season, we also have a selection of long and short sleeve superfine cotton blouses that come in a number of different shades. The long sleeved tops may be better for your winter uniform for comfort. Cotton rich blouses are ideal for both summer and winter as they are breathable and comfortable against the skin. It’s also worth noting that customers and clients notice when your staff uniform changes and they like to see that your business is in touch with current seasonal trends in adapted colors and designs.
When it comes to business wear for men, you can’t go wrong with a classic crisp white shirt. This will look impressive teamed with every color in the new Sophisticated suiting collection, and will give an effortlessly professional appearance. Alternatively, for a slightly different look, try one of our striped shirts, which offer something different to the plain white shirt option but still retain that smart business wear image. The business stripe shirts come in a great range of colors and can be easily teamed with blazers and pants.

The finishing touch for any business look is the blazer. Each of our men’s Sophisticated suiting pants come with a matching blazer to allow you to create a fully comprehensive look across your team. Just by adding a blazer to your uniform instantly delivers a professional, well put together appearance. Another way to create this look without a jacket would be to add a stylish vest. Our Ackermann’s Apparel vests, like the blazers, will match your chosen pants but could work better for the summer months. Alternatively, you could opt for a classic and currently on-trend tweed vest instead. Our tweed vests are beautifully tailored and will create an instant sophisticated look whether on its own or worn under a blazer.  No matter what you choose, your smart vest won’t be abandoned in winter – simply pair with the blazer to make a three-piece suit, a favorite style among hoteliers and front of house teams.

The women’s Sophisticated suiting jacket is a two-button design that works perfectly with the slim leg and straight leg pants, or just as well with the A-line and straight skirt. A suit blazer is an essential in a work uniform wardrobe for men and women alike, and the fit of the two-button ladies blazer won’t disappoint your team. To create some variety in your work uniform, it might be worth considering adding a vest or using it as a substitute to the two-button jacket. This will keep up the professional appearance of your uniform but allows for movement and fits in well with current fashion trends.


For women, a dress can be a key piece to have in your working wardrobe for the summer and winter season. Both the Teramo and Marino style dresses will help to diversify your overall uniform look, whilst remaining functional and keeping you cool in warmer temperatures. You may want to use the dresses to symbolize certain roles within your team, for example, female staff on reception may be required to wear a dress, while female managers may wear a suit. Add our two-button jacket when the weather turns colder. Both dresses from are available in black, navy, mid blue, light grey and charcoal to match the rest of your team wonderfully.

Environmentally Conscious. Sustainable.

We believe in apparel that is good for business and good for the environment.
As always, all our suiting ranges and cotton shirts and blouses are chemical free and meet the strict Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 which means that all fabrics used have been tested for harmful chemicals.

Durable = Sustainable.

Our fabrics go through rigorous testing and are made to last at least 2-3 years whilst withstanding the wear of busy work functions.


By using all of these categories you can start to compose a focused business wear wardrobe to take you through the year. If you would like any further help in curating a business uniform style for your company, please check out our online catalog, or call us at 1-514-746-0952 for further advice.
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